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December 2015

Volume 1 Issue 2
Research Article

A Growing Trend in Pediatric Nursing: Coaching

Ayfer Ekim*

In modern nursing, nurses seek for different ways to express their knowledge and qualifications. The most important one of those ways is coaching. In coaching programs, nurses play an active role in the solving of health problems and development of health care system. According to some studies, this kind of programs/interventions resulted positive outcomes. Coaching, that is implemented in all fields of nursing such as pediatric nursing, comes out with positive outcomes.

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Research Article

The Perspectives of Emergency Personnel Regarding Ways to Improve Trauma Patient Handoffs in the Resuscitation Room

Jeremy Veldstra RN, Bonnie Raingruber* RN, PhD, BSN, CEN, Laurey Billings RN, Autumn Dennis RN, BSN, Paige Ver Steeg RN, MSN, Yvonne Hansen RN, BSN, CCRN, Jason Wells RN, BSN, CEN, Christine Allen RN, BSN, CEN, Jaime Heitmeyer RN, CEN, Holly-Anne Olmstead RN, BSN, Angie Chavez RN, Cynthia Blackson RN, BSN, Heather Koplin RN, Danise Seaters ACNP, MS, BSN

The current standard practice is for pre-hospital personnel to give a brief and concise patient handoff report when bringing a trauma patient to the emergency department resuscitation room. However, lack of communication skills on the part of hospital and pre-hospital personnel can lead to frustration and inaccurate communication of vital information that can influence patient care. When hospital personnel attempt to begin patient care prior to the completion of report, vital information can be missed and pre-hospital personnel often have to repeat critical patient history, delaying the transfer process.

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Healthcare Education Research

An eLearning Approach for Training Healthcare Workers in Long-Term Care: The Strengths, The Shortcomings, The Reality

Tracy Luciani, Melissa Donskov, Colla J. MacDonald*

Bruyère Continuing Care’s Learning Department and the Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long- Term Care designed and delivered an eLearning approach to training staff in order to meet the Ontario Government’s training expectations and comply with the new regulatory Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007. This project investigated how the content, delivery, structure and service of eLearning modules impacted healthcare workers’ learning outcomes and transfer of knowledge.

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Review Article

Loneliness, Medical Diagnosis and Illness

Ami Rokach*

Loneliness has been around since the beginning of time. Loneliness is a prevalent, common, and disconcerting  social phenomenon which, suggest recent estimates,is experienced by up to 32% of adults, seven percent of whom report feeling intense loneliness. Humans are fundamentally social creatures, whose quality of life is intimately intertwined with social intercourse. It is therefore noted that social disconnection negatively affects our psychological, physiological and even spiritual wellbeing. Medical research has demonstrated that social connection is good and important to our health and while we seek to satisfy our inherent need to belong, it is not just relationships that we are after, but we also need mutual concern and caring for those relationships to be satisfactory and growth promoting.

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